Give the Gift of a Second Chance Today

Recently we took in two orphan babies - Jeni, a 10-month-old orphan, arrived at our Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre in August, followed closely by 9-month-old Alexander, in September. 

Both were malnourished and very frightened, with Alexander weighing a tiny 3.5kgs and Jeni requiring urgent veterinary attention for a leg injury.  Both babies were kept in quarantine for a month before they were deemed healthy enough to be moved to the nursery centre, where they are thankfully now thriving.

However, orphaned orangutans are truly dependent on your support in these crucial times. We urgently need your help to continue providing ongoing care to not only Jeni and Alexander, but the many other orphans already at our centres and those that will come through our doors very soon. 

We know it has been a tough year for all, but if you are in the position to, please donate today to help give Jeni and Alexander a second chance at life.

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Give $30

To provide nutritious milk for an orphaned orangutan

Give $50

To provide veterinary care for newly rescued orphans

Give $100

To pay the wage of a surrogate mother who gives love and care to each orphan