Help Jubaedah and Jubaedi return to their home in the wild.
Will you join the fight to save orangutan habitat?

Approximately 80% of orangutan habitat has been destroyed in the last half century.  This destruction is forcing wild orangutans to seek food and shelter in and around villages.  

Unfortunately, they are often viewed as pests by locals and are being injured and even killed.  Thankfully our BOS Foundation Rescue team managed to save Jubaedah and Jubaedi - a 20 year old mother and her two year old baby - just in time.  Although they will forever live with both physical and mental scars...

Please donate today to help us save existing rainforest as well as create more, so that orangutans like Jubaedah and Jubaedi have homes to return to and live in peace.

Read Jubaedah and Jubaedi's full story here...


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Plant a tree in a protected conservation area, where future generations of orangutans can prosper.


Purchase valuable fire fighting equipment to help us be prepared for the looming fire season.​​​​​​​


Help us to rescue and treat injured orangutans like mother and daughter, Jubaedah and Jubaedi.