Help keep 488 orangutans

             happy and healthy!

With the effects of Covid in full swing right now, our fundraising streams have been dramatically impacted and we really need your support to keep our orangutans healthy!

Of the 488 orangutans currently in our care, 14 are small babies in the nursery, who require lots of love, care and of course – milk! 

Normally, to feed all of these babies would cost around $250 per month, however due to the current circumstances milk prices have increased by 236%.  This means we are having to pay closer to $600 a month to feed these hungry orphans. 

We also have 42 orangutans currently attending Forest School and it costs around $1,800 a month to fuel these growing students so they can excel at school.​​​​​​​

Finally, there are another 432 orangutans who either live on pre-release islands, or in the socialisation complex while they wait to be moved to an island, as well as those who will never be released and require life time care. In total, it costs around $25,000 a month to feed these orangutans. 

Yes, you read that right - it currently costs BOS over $27,000AUD a month to feed all the orangutans in our care, which equates to over $300k a year! 

We understand that everyone around the world has been touched by this global pandemic, but please make a donation today if you can and help us keep these orangutans well fed! We simply couldn’t bear to see any of them go hungry and we know you couldn’t either.


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$40 today will help to provide nutritious milk for one orphaned orangutan for a month.
$60 today will help to provide fruit and vegetables for an adult orangutan for a month.
$150 today will help to provide fruit and milk for the students of Forest School.