​Coronavirus Emergency Appeal


The evidence that orangutans can contract corona virus is overwhelming.  We desperately need your help to ensure that orangutans, who share 97% of the same DNA as us, are not exposed to this potentially deadly disease. 

Extreme measures have been taken to ensure that we continue to provide high levels of care to 440 orangutans within our centres and pre-release islands, whilst also stepping up our health protection measures for all animal staff caretakers.

But increasingly supplies such as medicines, disinfectants, hand soap, face masks, gloves and protective clothing are becoming harder to source and prices are skyrocketing.  In the last month alone, we have seen a price rise of 237% in the cost of everyday essentials, which is the equivalent of $14,000 AUD per month.

Please could you offer your support to our coronavirus emergency appeal today? 


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$140 will purchase 4 boxes of Ventolin. 25 were used in March & the price has now increased by 21%.​​​​​​​
$50 will purchase one box of surgical masks. 170 boxes of

masks were used in March alone.

$210 will purchase  60 litres of disinfectant. Over 500 litres were used in March.