You can help give orangutans a future.

Orangutans are critically endangered. Their homes and food sources continue to be destroyed – by humans. They need us. If we don’t help them... they won’t be around much longer.

We have had 30 baby orangutans come into our care this year alone. The support of generous people like you means could give them the urgent care that they so desperately need.

Your support today can help to: 

  • Rescue homeless orphaned baby & adult orangutans 
  • Provide medical care and treatment in our rehabilitation centres
  • Teach young orangutans critical forest skills so they can survive in the wild
  • Set rehabilitated orangutans free in a safe, new home in the rainforest

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$35 can help rescue an orphaned baby

When their homes are destroyed by palm oil plantations or other human development, orangutans are often forced to travel long distances searching for food.

Together with local partners, your support can help rescue orangutans from these life-threatening situations and if healthy, immediately release them to areas of safe, secure natural habitat.

If they are injured or too young, like Topan (pictured above), they are taken to one of our rehabilitation centres.

Rescues can't happen without your support.

$78 can help provide urgent medical care

When Alba (pictured above) was rescued, she was in a fragile state and very underweight. She was stressed, dehydrated, weak, suffering from a parasite infection and displaying a poor appetite.

After a few days of special care, Alba started to accept more foods and her condition improved and by the tenth day of treatment, she had gained 4.5kgs in weight.

Without this critical care, later reintroduction to a safe new home for Alba and orangutans like her, wouldn't be possible.

You can make this possible. 

$240 can help teach critical wild survival skills

When orangutans enter our care while still very young, they need orangutan-peer interaction and daily lessons on forest survival.

Your support can ensure they are taught and encouraged to build nests, select appropriate natural foods and recognise natural predators.

This critical rehabilitation equips orphaned orangutans with the skills they need to survive once they are old enough to be reintroduced to the forest.

Together, we can give them the best chance for life at home in the wild.