Currently 41 orangutans in our care are suffering from respiratory infection caused by the hazardous haze.

We need to urgently raise another $10,000 to send to Borneo to assist with the firefighting efforts and support the increased cost of caring for these sick orangutans.

Your help today will make a difference to the lives of orangutans!

This video shows only a small area currently effected by fires.  You can see how bad the smoke haze is which is causing so many health  issues for our staff and especially the orangutans in our care.



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​​​​​​​​$20 will help in supporting the firefighting teams who are risking their lives  and health everyday on the ground in Borneo.

$30 will help cover the costs of providing daily treatment for the orangutans suffering respiratory disease.

​​​​​​​​$50 will help drill the boreholes needed to gain access to water to help extinguish the current fires and prevent them from spreading.